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Fu'an Equipment is mainly engaged in the design and research and development of equipment such as mining, metallurgy and chemical industry, material transportation, building materials, electric power, coal gas, lifting, petroleum, environmental protection, other stand-alone equipment and non-standard equipment, boilers and pressure vessels, and has established Taiwan Manufacturing and welding capabilities for sets of equipment products and large metal structure products. The company’s main products are mainly various types of heavy machinery and equipment, including mining mills, crushers, mobile semi-mobile crushing stations, various beneficiation equipment and stockyard equipment, as well as sintering, pelletizing, and ring equipment. , Coal grinding equipment and cement equipment for power stations. The company has a complete management system, a large number of professionals, complete manufacturing and inspection equipment, and has accumulated rich experience in the manufacturing and welding of sets of equipment and metal structure products. The company has always adhered to technological innovation as the leading product and served in many fields such as domestic non-ferrous and iron and steel metallurgy, mining, petrochemical, electric power and boiler pressure vessels