Gas Turbine

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Company Profile

■  Fuan Gas Turbine is a trinity enterprise integrating R&D, production and marketing, focusing on small and medium gas turbines below 50MW.
The company systematically introduces a Russian gas turbine design expert team and design concepts, and independently develops small and medium-sized gas turbines used in distributed energy in China, providing low-cost, high-yield core power equipment and energy station solutions for the distributed energy market. With its advantages of high efficiency, low cost, and automatic adjustment of heat load, it competes with global brands of gas turbines in the field of distributed energy.

Master the core technology of small and medium gas turbines

Main Business Coverage
  Design, production, sales and after-sales service of gas turbine units;
  Provide services such as installation and commissioning of gas turbine units, training, maintenance and repair, and spare parts supply;
  Core machine research and development.

Service Area
  Industrial power generation, oil and gas development, distributed energy, low-grade energy utilization, mobile power vehicles.

Specially designed and produced small and medium gas turbines below 50MW for the distributed energy industry